LASIK Touch-Up

What is a LASIK enhancement or touch-up?

LASIK usually provides long-lasting vision correction and allows individuals to have excellent vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses. Occasionally however, eyes can undergo gradual changes that can change their prescription after LASIK. The new prescription is usually much smaller than the original. This small prescription oftentimes is not bothersome and can be left alone. If bothersome, however, it can usually be improved by glasses, contact lenses, or a LASIK touch-up or LASIK enhancement.

LASIK touch-up or LASIK enhancement is a refinement of a LASIK procedure that has been performed in the past. San Diego laser eye surgery enhancement can be done by re-lifting the LASIK flap that was created previously, creating a new LASIK flap, or by performing a San Diego PRK. LASIK enhancement uses the same excimer laser used by your San Diego LASIK eye surgery provider for your initial treatment. At the San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center, we recommend LASIK enhancement with the use of PRK. Although PRK can take a longer time to heal compared to LASIK, we believe it is a preferable choice for the enhancement of a previous LASIK procedures as it carries less risk of complications (flap dislocation or epithelial ingrowth).

What are the risks of LASIK Touch-ups?

LASIK touch-ups are generally very safe, but have similar risks to the San Diego LASIK surgery procedure itself. Similar to any ocular procedure, there is a small risk of infection. In addition, there is a small risk of LASIK flap dislocation. One of the most common problems with LASIK enhancements is epithelial ingrowth that involves surface epithelial cells growing underneath the LASIK flap. However, the risks of flap dislocation and epithelial ingrowth are minimal if the LASIK enhamcement is done with a PRK and thus without lifting the original flap. It is for this reason that we recommend the use of PRK rather than LASIK to perform a LASIK touch-up at the San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center.

How many LASIK touch-ups can I have?

It is most preferable to have the fewest possible LASIK touch-ups, however, there is no limit that applies to everyone. Some people may have too thin of a cornea, or other eye issues that may make further enhancements unsafe for them.

You will soon be able to contact us for a consultation with a board certified LASIK surgeon at the San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center regarding LASIK touch-ups or LASIK enhancements.



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