The San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center website aims to provide up-to-date information regarding San Diego LASIK and San Diego LASER Eye Surgery.

   This website has been designed by Dr. Kourosh Mohammadi M.D., a board-certified ophthalmologist who is currently a clinical and surgical instructor at the University of California San Diego’s Veteran’s hospital, and a San Diego LASIK specialist.

Dr. Mohammadi has performed numerous successful San Diego LASER Eye Surgeries with excellent precision, safety, and visual outcomes. He believes in utilizing only the most sophisticated surgical instruments and the latest surgical techniques to obtain the best possible outcomes.

At the San Diego (LASIK) Laser-Vision Eye Center, we understand that every eye is unique. We believe the goal of any San Diego LASIK provider should be to ensure that every patient is comfortable and achieves the best possible individual outcome.


       “At the San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center, we are deeply thankful for the privilege of protecting and enhancing the precious gift of sight. Every moment and every detail of your eye-care is our number-one priority.”     

     Kourosh Mohammadi M.D.





San Diego LASIK Step By Step

1. San Diego LASIK Consultation

During your San Diego LASIK Consultation, your LASIK Surgeon will determine if you are a good LASIK candidate by asking questions about your medical history and performing a detailed ocular examination. Your exam will includes ocular surface imaging and surface thickness measurements.  During your LASIK consultation, your San Diego LASIK surgeon will discuss all risks, benefits, and alternatives as well as what to expect before, during, and after LASIK Surgery in San Diego. You will have the chance to ask all of your questions and discuss all your concerns about the procedure during this visit. If you wear contact lenses, it is a good idea to stop wearing them prior to your San Diego LASIK evaluation. For your initial evaluation, it is sufficient to stop wearing soft contact lenses for 1-2 days, but it is better to stop wearing rigid gas permeable lenses for a few weeks. Prior to having your final preoperative measurements, however, it is best to have stopped wearing soft contact lenses for 2 wks, rigid toric lenses for 3 wks, and rigid gas permeable lenses for at least 4 weeks. It is also a very good idea to bring your last few glasses prescriptions or contact lens prescriptions for your San Diego LASIK specialist to review. Once it is determined that you are a good LASIK candidate you will have the option to pick a surgery date. Preoperative information will be given to you as well as instructions of what to do prior to your San Diego LASIK procedures.

2. One Day Before Surgery

Arrange ransportation to and from the LASIK center as you will likely have somewhat blurred vision after surgery and may receive a relaxing medication that can impair the ability to drive. Stop using all makeup or other products used around the eyes for 3 days prior to surgery. It is a good idea to scrub your eyelashes with baby shampoo or over-the-counter eyelash scrubbing products for about 5 to 7 days prior to LASIK. This is done to minimize the amount of debris and chemicals around the eyes and eyelashes in order to decrease chances of infection or inflammatory reaction after having San Diego LASER eye surgery.

3. San Diego LASER Eye Surgery Day

The San Diego LASIK procedure itself usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. You will have the option of taking a calming medication before LASIK. Then, an eye-drop is used to numb the surface of your eyes and your surgeon marks your eyes with a sterile surgical marker. The area around your eyes will be carefully cleaned. Your eyelids will be held open using an instrument called an eyelid speculum. You will lie on your back during the LASIK San Diego procedure and look up at a blinking target light. Directly above you is  a microscope that your San Diego LASIK surgeon will use to carefully view the surface of your eyes during the procedure. A suction device will be placed on the surface of your eye and a plastic device is used to gently flatten your ocular surface. When the suction is applied, your vision will get slightly darker and you may feel some pressure. Then, your San Diego LASIK surgeon uses a femtosecond laser machine to create a thin LASIK flap (about 120 microns thick) on the surface of your eye. A blunt instrument is used to lift the LASIK flap which is protected with a covering material. When the suction is removed, your vision will improve but still remain blurry throughout the San Diego Laser eye surgery procedure.

You will look at a blinking target light for the rest of the procedure. As the excimer laser starts reshaping the suface of your eye, you will hear crackling sounds and may smell a slight smell similar to burning hair. After the reshaping of the surface of your eye by laser is completed, your San Diego LASIK surgeon places the LASIK flap precisely back on the surface of your eye, adds antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops, and places a shield to cover your eye. You will be asked to keep this shield on your eye until your eye exam the next day and only move it to the side in order to put in eye-drops.

4. The night after San Diego LASIK surgery

Just after the surgery, it is normal for your vision to be blurry and for your eyes to feel itchy, dry, or feel like there is something in them. Try your best to avoid squeezing, rubbing, or putting any pressure on your eyes. It is usually better to go home, relax and close your eyes to help them heal. Particularly if you have pets, it is a good idea to wash your sheets prior to having surgery and not touch, sleep with, or play much with your pets for the few days after your San Diego LASIK procedure. It is normal for the white of your eyes to have some blood spots or appear bloodshot (this usually resolves during the next few weeks after surgery). If you experience any unusually severe pain or significant decrease in vision you should contact your San Diego LASIK surgeon immediately. Do not shower if at all possible the night after your surgery and if you do try to keep any water or soap from getting into your eyes.

You should see your doctor the day after your San Diego LASIK surgery, who will check your vision and examine your eyes very carefully.

5. The week after San Diego LASIK

For 2 days, avoid taking showers if possible or getting any water, soap, or debris in your eyes. Avoid playing any sports or exercise for the next 3 to 4 days after your San Diego LASIK. Also avoid playing with pets and animals. Avoid putting any makeup or other products around your eyes for 1 week after surgery and also avoid any activity that places debris in or contaminates the eyes.

6. Next 6 months after San Diego laser eye surgery

Avoid contact sports for one month after LASIK San Diego eye surgery.

Avoid swimming and using hot tubs or whirlpools for 6 weeks after San Diego LASIK.

It takes about six months for your vision to stabilize after San Diego LASIK surgery. It is not unusual to experience some glare, haloes around lights, and occasional blurred vision during this time.


You will soon be able to contact the San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center for a consultation, but for the time being, pleae use this website as a source of up-to-date information on San Diego LASIK and San Diego LASER eye surgery.